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RSS Feeds

We offer RSS feeds for all channels, all users' bookmarks and all comments. These feeds are made available for personal use or for web syndication. You may use any of our feeds on your own website or blog, as long as you do not modify the feeds and you provide attribution to Monalo.

We have provided the following HTML, CSS and PHP code bundle that will display the contents of any of our RSS feeds on your site, as long as your site supports PHP.

Download Monalo Reader.

How to use Monalo Reader

Unzip the contents of into your website's document root folder.
In the PHP file where you want to show the Monalo headlines, include the following PHP code:
This will show the RSS feed given by the URL parameter passed to the monalo_reader_show() function.
To design the headlines as they will appear on your site, edit the CSS file located at monalo_reader/monalo_reader.css

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